Social GPS Waze – App Review

Waze is a social GPS for phones and tablets on Android, with which you will be able to obtain current information about traffic jams, accidents and other traffic troubles, communicate with other drivers to save nerves, time and fuel.

In the Waze app for Android is quite nice appearance with wide settings. You can fully customize, choose the theme you want from the large number of available topics, to specify what time of day will be displayed card – day or night. In addition, you can specify the unit of measure in miles or kilometers, to change the radius of the events.

Settings Waze for Android

Consider a few interesting settings, the social Navigator:

  • The route options. Here are all the settings with regards to the definition of roads. You can enable or disable for display on the map during the trip, the availability of toll roads, highways and unpaved roads. An excellent opportunity to assess the itinerary and modify it in the most suitable situation.
  • AZS. Sort of which brands of gas stations and branded gasoline will be shown on the map in order not to waste time on unnecessary stops. There is also the possibility of notifying you about the change in the price of fuel at these stations. This feature will help you to find the cheapest gas station.
  • Use voice commands to make it easier to use the app while driving a vehicle.
  • Create your profile to communicate with the same application users. Share information and funny stories.

Features of Waze

In addition to useful settings, Waze has some great features and advantages over other navigational apps:

  • You get the latest maps and updated regularly.
  • The program is absolutely free.
  • Always offers correct and, if necessary, the shortest route taking into account traffic jams and General traffic. Automatic rerouting if for some reason on the current route having different traffic situations.
  • The voice prompts.
  • Notification of the presence of police posts, accidents, road repairs or hazards.
  • You can connect the app to social networking accounts like Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and share information about time of arrival or departure with your friends and family.
  • There is a system of grades and points. The more you are active, the more you get points and increase your rank.

Social GPS Waze download – similar applications of the idea on how should look like a modern navigator. Dilute grey and boring navigation in various interactive as points or share the news with family is a great addition for simple, it would seem that the navigation service.